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Cheap KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Eager sneakerheads filled the narrow streets around Patta?°•s Soho storefront, and eventually the local police chose to intervene and send everyone home with the fear Cheap KAWS x Air Jordan 4 that, as one voice in the video puts it, kids may end up ?°„crushed for a pair of shoes.?°ņ Originally, an installation and in-store release were planned for the highly anticipated drop, however, given the havoc created by the raffle, the event was cancelled and an online raffle is now being held.

2017 Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro KAWS SZ 8.5 Cool Grey Suede White Glow 930155-003

Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer who will now be working with Jordan Brand.

Jordan Brand Officially Unveils The KAWS X Air Jordan 4

Check out more details regarding the limited release of the Jordan 4 KAWS later this week and be sure to head over to our Cheap Jordan For Sale for an updated look at all of the coming April offerings from the Jumpman.

Air Jordan 4 x Kaws Glow In The Dark Cool Grey Pre Order Size 9

While both pairs will be extremely hard to get, Cheap Air Jordan 4 "KAWS" X which one are you most looking forward to purchasing if given the chance?

KAWS x Air Jordan 4 size 11 - Cheap Air Jordan IV 4 For Sale

Earlier this week, Patta London held a raffle for the forthcoming Cheap KAWS x Jordan IV, and things got a little hectic.

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When you look at the Kaws Air Jordan 4s up close, you can see how they successfully channel the vibe of that bygone era. Even if they don't have some wacky color scheme one might expect to see from the artist, they do feature the Mickey Mouse-like hands of his "Companion" creation, stitched into the nubby upper and visible through the translucent outsole (that also Cheap Air Jordan). There's also a signature "XX" logo on the heel and a Kaws logo on the inside tongue, where a traditional upside down Jordan logo would sit.

Cheap Air Jordan IV 4 X Kaws Glow PREORDER 100% Guaranteed Message To Buy Via PP

Update (2/28/17): It appears that a matching apparel collection will be releasing alongside the shoe with one of them being a 5 panel hat.

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Check out the early leaked images below and let us know what you guys think in the comments section. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates on the KAWS x Air Jordan collaboration.

Air Jordan 4 X Kaws Glow/cool Grey Pre Order (930155-003) Guaranteed

                                   THIFAB AB LASER & GEODESI, ??V?EN 27, 416 68 G?EBORG, TEL:031-259680, FAX:031-250875, E-mail:                                                


Start Planlaser Enfallslaser Tv?allslaser Maskinmottagare R?l?gningslaser Plan & Vert.laser Punktlaser Avst?dsm?are Totalstation Teodolit Avv?.instrument Z-FIX markplan. Handmott.Laser Linjelaser Planimeter Stativ Avv?ningst?ger Digitalpass Komradio Prismast?g Rotationslaser Industrilaser Lodlaser Optiskt Punkt.Linjelaser GPS SYSTEM


460dIII Ushikata
460FC Ushikata
460F Ushikata
Ultra Scale Master Pro
Scale Master Pro XE


Specifications of each model

  380dIII 460dIII 380F.C 460F.C 620F.C 380F 460F 620F
Measuring range Vertical 380mm 460mm 380mm 460mm 620mm 380mm 460mm 620mm
Horisontal 20000mm
Measuring functions Area o o o o o o o o
Length o o o o o o o o
XY-coordinate - - o o o o o o
Segment Length - - o o o o o o
Radius - - o o o o o o
Centroid - - - - - o o o
Triangular area - - - - - o o o
Angle - - - - - o o o
Center of ARC - - - - - oo oo oo
Radial distance - - - - - o o o
Contour-based volume - - - - - o o o
Revolutionary volume/surface area center of gravity - - - - - o o o
Power lever A lever to fix the tracer arm while indexing automatically upon power on
ARC key Defining an arc by 3 points(available even when centroids and revolutionary solids are being measured)
Units mm, cm, m, km, a, ha, ?, ?, ?, ?, in, ft, yd, mi(mile), ac(acre), user's units
Angle units ? degree, degree/minute, radian, gon
Measuring modes Point mode(straight line), Continuous mode(curved line), Arc mode(to define an arc), Cancel mode
Scale setting 1/9999999999?1/0.000000001 or Reference distance measurement
Coordinate systems ? Standard, Survey, Machine
Calculating functions Four rules, memory, averaging, summing up
Printer(option) Thermal, 16 characters/line, auto-sensing
Interface - RS-232C built-in(full duplex), Automatic protocol setting
Baud rate - 19200.9600.4800.2400.1200.600.300
Other functions Measuring condition set storage(15 sets) o o o o o o o o
Calculator Function o o o o o o o o
Decimal Placement o o o o o o o o
Measuring by ARC key oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo
Scale/Reference setting o o o o o o o o
Data numbering o o o o o o o o
Auto-closing(ON?OFF) o o o o o o o o
Automatic power shut off(ON?OFF) o o o o o o o o
Setting by MENU key o o o o o o o o
Coordinate point marking - - oo oo oo oo oo oo
Automatic protocol setting - - o o o o o o
Affine transformation - - o o o o o o
Display 128 x 64 dot matrix graphic LCD 16 characters x 2 lines, Dot matrix type LCD
Resolution 0.01mm
Accuracy 0.1% or better
Tracer lens easy-viewing large eccentric lens
Power Rechargeable NiH battery
AC adapter/charger AC100V/120V/220V?50/60Hz?3VA
NiCd rechargeable battery,
AC adapter/charger?AC100V/120V/220V 50/60Hz 3VA
Battery life Approx. 100 horus/10 hour recharging(can be used while recharging) 50 hours or more/7 hours recharging(usable at recharging)
Dimensions(mm) Body 334 X 162 X 47 380 X 162 X 47 334 X 162 X 47 380 X 162 X 47 472 X 162 X 47 334 X 162 X 47 380 X 162 X 47 472 X 162 X 47
Case 417 X 198 X 66 417 X 198 X 66 417 X 198 X 66 417 X 198 X 66 509 X 198 X 66 417 X 198 X 66 417 X 198 X 66 509 X 198 X 66
Weight of body(g) 880 890 880 890 930 890 900 940
Accessories AC charger, Gauge template, Case, Operation manuals
*Marking pen guides(dia.:0.3 and 0.5mm) ?*Marking pin holder with needle
Options Mini-printer 16c (thermal), Roll paper (thermal),
**Interface cables(available lengths: 2m/5m/10m)...Please specify the name of computer to be used.
  • attention1?Only for F series with *marks.
  • attention2: Only for FC series with *marks.
  • Mini-printer 16c are for all models.
  • The mark "oo" means "patent by Ushikata".
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